Winter & Spring Breaks


Winter Session

November 26 – February 17


Holiday Break

December 24 – 31


Mid-Winter Break

February 18 – 25


Spring Session

February 26 – May 12



May 13 – May 27

Limited class schedule

 taught by Alannnah Sinclaire



Body Balancing

by Mark J. Kane is a

holistic, non-stressful approach

to achieving natural strength

and integrity in a balanced,

flexible body.

"I started going to Body Balancing for several reasons. First, for many years my body had been feeling tight all over, especially my neck and shoulders – perhaps it's where I concentrated a lot of my stress.


Second, I never liked my posture. I'd see videos and photos of myself and saw a bad slouch, a hanging tummy, and my head pitched forward. Not exactly a pretty picture. Third, I wanted to increase my flexibility and didn't want to grow old looking bent and hunched over.


I've been working with Mark for a little over a year now and to my relief and satisfaction I'm happy to say that Body Balancing has solved all of these concerns. My aches are gone, I have more flexibility than I ever thought possible, and I actually like the way I look – and in the process I've learned a more dynamic and efficient way to move and as a result I no longer struggle with a sense of chronic fatigue.


Thank you Mark!"


Jimmy D.

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