• It’s about the alignment of our skeletons, not just the size of our muscles.
  • How you feel in your body, not just how you look.
  • No matter how beautiful the façade, if the underlying structure is not sound, it will collapse.

Why is skeleton alignment important?

  • Because gravity is pulling on us all the time.

  • The placement of our bones in relation to the pull of gravity determines how hard our muscles must work. When our    bones are stacked vertically, then the surrounding muscles    don’t have to work as hard, allowing the joints to function    more efficiently.

What is a balanced body?

When you stand upright with the line of gravity:


  • centered with the body,

  • coinciding with the central axis of the head, ribcage and pelvis,

  • running parallel to the axis of the legs,


 Efficient movement uses the least amount of muscular energy.

Body Balancing focuses on the placement and pathway of our bones as they move (in other words, proper form) targeting the “prime mover” muscles.

By placing the body on unstable surfaces and using light resistance (surgical tubing and other tools, various sizes of balls, therabands® etc.) we gently encourage the skeleton into its correct alignment.

We can retrain our muscles on a neuromuscular level, reduce excess tension and move more efficiently.


Don’t wait until you need

therapy for an injury.


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